Serving the Local Communities with Quality and Effective Chiropractic Care
Dr. Thomas Fennell

Chiropractic Care

Receive the care you need at Highland Chiropractic Health Center, located in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. We offer chiropractic and physio therapy.
Chiropractic Treatment
Dr. Thomas Fennell, D.C., and his staff welcome new patients of all ages to receive expert chiropractic care. Our goal is to relieve your pain and discomfort safely and effectively.

Chiropractic treatment addresses your spinal condition through alignment of your spine and relieving pressure on your nerves. If you experience any of the following conditions, there is a good chance they are caused from nerve issues in your spine:
• Neck Pain
• Arm/Hand Tingling/Numbness
• Back Pain
• Leg/Foot Tingling/Numbness
• Headaches
• Shoulder Pain
• Hip Pain
• Muscle Pain
• Knee/Joint Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Vivatek Spinal Disc Therapy
• Carpal Tunnel
• Auto Accident Injuries
• Sciatica
• Work Related Injuries
Massage, Massage Therapy in Natrona Heights, PA
Receiving Chiropractic Care ASAP
If you experience any kind of pain, we recommend you come in as soon as possible. The earlier you seek treatment, the better you'll feel. Even if you've experienced problems for a long time, we encourage you to come in and receive an evaluation, and we'll devise a care plan that meets your needs. For pregnant women, we offer special pillows to provide you with comfortable care during your exam.
Payment Options
We accept most Insurances and we have in office flexible options available for the uninsured, Visa, Master Card & Discover are accepted.