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Dr. Thomas Fennell

Physiotherapy Available at Highland Chiropractic Health Center

Feel better instantly with quality physical therapy from the doctors at Highland Chiropractic Health Center, located in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania.
Highland Chiropractic has on-site physiotherapy to assist in alleviating your muscle tension while offering more effective chiropractic care.

In conjunction with chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy includes:
• Specific Exercise Programs
• Traction Therapy
• Stretching Exercises
• Ultrasound Therapy
• Electric Muscle Stimulation
• Trigger Point Therapy
Vivatek Spinal Therapy
Relieve your pain from bulging and herniated discs with Vivatek spinal therapy. This is a non-invasive, non-surgical therapy that is applied to your back and helps alleviate complaints or discomforts.

Come in for an evaluation with Dr. Fennell today and see if Vivatek spinal therapy is right for you. Many people are dependent on painkillers or require several surgeries, all of which can be harmful to your body. Vivatek spinal therapy is a safe and effective treatment option that involves no surgery, needles, drugs, or side effects.
Exams & Consultations
Before we can begin treatment, we need to determine the cause of your pain or discomfort. Contact us to schedule an appointment to minimize your office wait time. We always welcome walk-ins, but appointments are recommended. Exams are covered under insurance in most cases.

We perform a specialized examination which will include neurological, musculo-skeletal and orthopedic testing.
Equipment, Physical Therapy in Natrona Heights, PA
If you would like to learn more about Vivatek therapy, schedule a Appointment with Dr Fennell today.